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Wholistic Body Odyssey

Five Cryo-T Shock EMS Slimming Sessions (One Area/Session)

Five Cryo-T Shock EMS Slimming Sessions (One Area/Session)

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What is it?

Cryo T-Shock is a breakthrough 30 minute non-invasive procedure to eliminate localized fat, reduce cellulite, plus build muscle, tone and tighten the skin.

The treatment handles combine cryotherapy and ems muscle stimulation, working simultaneously in a single application. Saves time and improves efficiency.

Sequentially controlled cryotherapy (cold) and hyperthermia (hot) to are used for optimal body reshaping benefits.   Every Cryo T-Shock treatment session destroys fat cells and increases skin collagen production, due to “freezing” of fat combined with thermal shock response.

The reason why Cryo T-Shock can achieve faster and more significant body slimming results than normal cool-sculpting is that the thermal shock hyper-stimulates the skin and tissues, greatly increasing all cellular activity.

Meanwhile, the built-in EMS function works to build muscle, tone the body, and achieve faster fat burning.

Body Treatment Benefits:

  • Reduce localized fat 
  • Weight loss
  • Skin tightening 
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Muscle toning and lifting
  • Body detoxification
  • Accelerate blood and lymph circulation

Face Treatment Benefits:

  • Improve facial contour
  • Reduce double chin
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Skin tightening 
  • Reduce acne scar appearance
  • Firm and rejuvenate skin 

Cryo T-Shock Treatment Experience

A typical Cryo T-Shock treatment lasts only 30 minutes.

For the first 5 minutes “pre-heating” occurs, during which the patient will feel a warming sensation.  This phase helps improve blood circulation and prevents frostbite.

Next comes the fat crystallization procedure.  During these 20 minutes, patients will generally feel a deep cooling sensation.  It is normal to also feel some slight tingling as the cooling and EMS energy are delivered deep within the tissues.

In the remaining 5 minutes, enjoy a warm massage. 

How does it work?

The procedure uses alternating cold and hot temperatures in a dynamic, controlled manner, combined with EMS.
Fat cells are far more vulnerable to the effects of cold than
other cell types.  The cold treatment causes fat cell apoptosis (natural controlled cell death), which leads to the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators that gradually remove the dead fat cells out of the body.  This reduces the thickness of the fat layer permanently.  

The Cryo T-Shock machine accomplishes faster fat reduction than normal fat freezing machines because the alternating hot-cold thermal shock causes extreme invigoration of the metabolic system and increases cellular activity.  The weight loss effects are also greatly enhanced by the built-in EMS function, which acts to give muscles a workout and in turn boosts metabolism and burns more fat.
When diet and exercise are not enough, Cryo T-Shock is here to help!

Treatment Plan

Belly application:  Contours and slim for a flatter and more defined wasitline
Thigh application: Drastically reduces the appearance of cellulite and pockets of fat
Arm reduction:  Reduce sagging skin for a more contoured arm.
Back application:  Firm fat pockets to reduce bra bulge. 
Buttocks application:  Reduce cellulite, contour and lift your buttocks for an enhanced shape
Face & neck: Improve your complexion, reduce pore size and wrinkles.   The treatment can even visibly reduce a double chin.
Postpartum recovery:  Cryo T-Shock is also a fantastic option for reducing loose or sagging skin following a significant weight loss or pregnancy.

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