In these terms and conditions terms the  “We” refer to Wellness Hypnosis.

On booking your appointment, you will be given confirmation of costs, cancellation policy, payment details, etc, which you should read and make sure you are happy with. Along with your payment, you will be asked to give your contact details. This will then form an agreement between you and Wellness Hypnosis for your therapy.


Successful sessions rely on your commitment and motivation. When you agree to partake in your therapy sessions, you, as the client are considered “co-therapist”, which means you agree to be fully involved and committed to the process, which may include self-work if necessary. This also includes attending your sessions on time and working on your ordeal and tasks as we agreed.

You accept that treatment is offered on the basis of the information you supply, which you represent and warrant to be complete and truthful.

Ongoing sessions will always be discussed with you and you will have the right to express your preferences regarding your treatment plan and timeframe.

You are free to end or withdraw from therapy at any time. The cost of any sessions paid for in advance but not used will be refunded on request, subject to my cancellation policy. Refunds will reflect the actual price paid if special offers have been used.


Your hypnotherapy session will last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please allow yourself enough time and a quiet space for this. Currently, we only offer sessions over zoom meetings.


Hypnotherapy services are not eligible for refunds as the time has been allocated. However, we may offer a free session if there was an issue or concern with the session.

The hypnotherapist facilitates change by guiding the use of hypnotic suggestions. The hypnotherapist cannot control or force the client to change or do anything they do not want to do.


We appreciate at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, so that we may offer it to someone else. The charge for sessions canceled with less than 24 hours notice will be up to 50% of the full session fee.

If you wish to cancel, then please phone or email immediately.

Wellness Hypnosis reserves the right to cancel an appointment at our sole discretion, this will only be in exceptional circumstances, and as much notice as is possible will be given.  We shall not be liable for any financial or other consequences of the cancellation.

A “no show” will also attract a charge of 50% of the arranged fee.


We will always do our best to help you achieve a successful outcome to your therapy. However, you accept that an agreement to work on an issue does not mean that a particular outcome of therapy can be guaranteed. Fees are payable for your sessions and the time and expertise of the therapist, regardless of the outcome. Results may differ from person to person.


We will use best practice at all times and adhere to the standards of conduct as stated by my governing bodies.

In return by attending your session you agree to the following standards of behaviour:

  • Be free from drugs and alcohol (except medication prescribed by your doctor).
  • You will not harm yourself or others (including any employees of Wellness Hypnosis).
  • Take your therapy seriously and treat the therapists with respect.

If you demonstrate violent, abusive or anti-social behaviour, we reserve the right to cancel the session and any future sessions and/or treatment.


Keeping and maintaining records is required for all clients and for anyone who makes an enquiry. These records are kept both in written form and electronically. Your information will be protected by reasonable security safe guards against loss and theft, unauthorised access or use. Your information will never be sold or distributed unless required by law.

We will respect client confidentiality at all times except if:

  • You reveal you intend to harm yourself or another person.
  • You reveal that a child is being abused or is in danger of abuse.
  • We are compelled to reveal information by a court order.
  • You reveal you are a member of a terrorist organisation – this must be reported to the police.
  • You reveal you are laundering money from the sale of drugs – this must be reported to the police