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Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Coaching

Many people become overweight when they start using food to fulfill an emotional need. Many years ago, my niece said to me, "I eat when I'm happy and I eat when I'm sad." This was hilarious to me back then. Now I have realized that the simple statement can affect our health greatly if we do not take care of our emotions. Many of us did not think that overeating is an issue until it affected our health in many ways. We use food to compensate for something we feel is missing in our lives.

Often, the reasons why they started overeating are rooted in their past; an emotional event that prompted them to start eating for safety, self-preservation, or protection. The memory of the event remains sealed in the subconscious, even though they consciously forgot about it. For these people, following a diet alone is not enough to lose weight and maintain it. They often consider diet as a short-term program, and look forward to reaching their weight goal so that they can return to eating "normally". Once they reach their goal, they reward themselves with huge meals or heavy deserts that they have been craving; and the weight quickly returns.

At Wellness Hypnosis, we offer hypnosis for weight loss and coaching to help you on your weight loss journey. We raise your food consumption awareness using hypnosis. We also offer food coaching sessions en route to help you with your wide range of green selections without sacrificing taste.