Aura and Chakras Photography Reading

How Does Aura Photography Work?

The human being is a complex organism, full of emotion, intelligence and spirit, and these qualities are reflected in his or her energy field, or Aura. One's Aura can change from time to time, as a result of one’s own experiences and views on life.

The Aura Camera uses a hand sensor to register the person. A person would put their hands onto the hand sensors. This in turn would allow the camera to measure the standardized biofeedback parameter. The hand sensor itself has various contact points on them; these are connected with certain organs of the body, as well as measure the electromagnetic field of the user and can thus deliver information about the energetic and auric qualities of that person.

​The hand sensor can also measure deviations in temperature, humidity and static electricity in the environment and the person, allowing for greater precision in data gathering. These data parameters are then projected as a radiant, colored aura field around the body for us to print Digitally. In no time thereafter, a brilliant color photo can be presented to the user and interpreted by one of our aura experts.

In short, these kinds of biofeedback probes can pick up your spiritual energy. The camera can then display this information as a colorful field around your body. The colors actually reflect your spiritual and auric state.


Aura Photo with 15 pages of report - $45

  • Two photos of your Aura: face and full body
  • Visual image of your entire chakra system
  • Explanation of the mail aura color: your personality type and characteristics
  • Significance of the size and shape of your chakras
  • Mental, physical, spiritual balance ratios
  • Energy level graph, which measures your vibrational field in mind/body/spirit
  • State of Mind/Body Graph which indicates if you are stressed or relaxed
  • Male-female energy balance