Data Privacy

Privacy Policy

In plain English, the following is the Privacy Policy of Wholistic Body Odyssey LLC.

Contact Information

Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address

Quite simply, we will never give away, sell, lease, or otherwise release your contact information to anyone for any reason except in cooperation with law enforcement or a court of law with validly formatted and scoped warrant.

Personally Identifying Information

Date of Birth, Credit Card Information, etc.

During the completion of an online transaction with us, your payment information and any personally identifying information are handled by the secure servers and processes at our payment processors, PayPal and other credit card payments. We have set up our payment processing through them for a variety of reasons including:

  • Because of the way PayPal and Square handle transactions, we never need to see or be given your credit/debit card or bank account information, nor is it ever stored on our server;
  • If you are a member, PayPal offers protection on both sides of a transaction;
  • PayPal and Square have dedicated 24/7 security team, ensuring the security of their payment platforms;
  • And a couple of pretty nifty benefits to the merchant (i.e. Both platforms levy their fees before depositing funds into our account and we thus have no surprises at the beginning of the next month in fees).

When we do an offline transaction with you, we retain your payment information only as long as it takes to process payment and ensure that you have received your order in full, undamaged.

We take your trust in us very seriously.

Non Identifying Information

For the purposes of security auditing, usage and effectiveness analysis, and error tracking, we log Non Identifying Information such as IP Address, pages visited, errors generated, and referrer. This information provides us valuable insight into how our website is performing. All of this type of information is tracked anonymously.

Changes to This Policy

Any changes made to this Privacy Policy will be updated here.