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Wholistic Body Odyssey

30-Minute Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening Treatment

30-Minute Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening Treatment

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What Is Radio Frequency?

The skin looks younger by safely heating up the deeper collagen-rich layers of the skin with radio frequency. The heat enables the tightening of existing collagen and the formation of new collagen. The result is a reduction in sagging, renewal of contours, and improved smoothness and texture of the skin's surface.

Radio Frequency Face and Body Contouring

The areas that can be treated are 

  • Face – jowls, nasolabial folds (smile lines), lip lines, smokers lines, under eye wrinkles, hooded eyelids and general skin tightening;
  • Tummy/arm/hands – skin laxity due to age, post baby or due to excess sun exposure, on upper side of the hands, thighs and knee areas; or sagging skin on the arms, 

 How Long Is the Treatment?

  • 30 minutes 
  • The results are long-lasting and depend on your skin and the aging process. Many clients have a monthly facial rejuvenation visit.

Comfort and Safety:

  • Most patients find the procedure comfortable, and any warmth felt during the treatment is usually well-tolerated.
  • RF devices often incorporate safety features, such as temperature monitoring, to ensure a controlled and effective treatment.

Both facial and body contouring with radio frequency are customizable treatments, allowing skin care professionals to tailor the intensity and duration of the procedure based on individual needs. The gradual and natural-looking results make RF an appealing option for those seeking non-surgical solutions for skin and body rejuvenation.

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